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Step 1: Evaluation
How your product will best fit in marketplace
Step 2: Review
Data analysis leads to a clear plan of action
Step 3: Execution
Product is managed to achieve success


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The Process

The BHR GLOBAL process focuses on 12 core steps that will take your product idea from concept through final sale. We tailor our process depending on where you are with your product. For example, if you have a finished product, you need our services as a sales force, not for product development. On the other hand, if you have an idea and maybe just a rough prototype of a product, you'd fit right in at the beginning of our process.

Below is an example of the process that an existing product line looking for entry into the US marketplace would go through. Remember, we do not have a preset cookie cutter plan that fits all situations. The BHR Global process is a guideline, but each client is ultimately unique, and we develop a plan accordingly based upon your particular needs and wants.   

Phase 1 (1-3 days): Retail Store Review

  1. Do similar products already exist in the marketplace?
  2. Where in the retail outlet would your products best be placed?
  3. What pricing structure should be pursued based on similar product lines and/or competitors?
  4. What price point would be best to gain entry into the market?
  5. What type of packaging would be best?
  6. If the product is not going retail direct, what potential partners could be involved?
  7. Samples purchases as required
  8. Photos of store displays and placements taken
  9. Final reports and data generated
Phase 2 (3-5 days): Data Analysis
  1. What items in the group product line will be carried?
  2. Determine retail price points for each product, margins required by retail outlet, and the cost needed to land each product
  3. Work with packaging companies to generatae packaging samples based on results from phase 1
  4. Determine and produce signage, product samples, POP displays, etc.
  5. Work with graphic designers to lay out packaging copy
  6. Determine sales goals and realties based on retail channel research
  7. Review product line with sales representatives to determine sales strategy and opportunity

Phase 3 (varied time): Execution

BHR Global assumes a sales management role to ensure a smooth product launch and healthy growth.

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