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Step 1: Evaluation
How your product will best fit in marketplace
Step 2: Review
Data analysis leads to a clear plan of action
Step 3: Execution
Product is managed to achieve success


Kabinet Mate Breaks Through With QVC Appearance
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Featured Products

Do Your Homework
The picture at the right is a product idea that was brought to BHR Global. As part of our research to see if the product had potential, we found it already in the marketplace in more than one version. This is only part of what BHR Global can help you with.

Not At The Wrong Price
The picture at the right is one of a board game developed by an inventor who believed that the retail price for the game he devised should be about double the going price for a deluxe game. Unfortunately, although many people liked the concept, they were not willing to pay the price. BHR Global can help in determining the right retail price and help with getting the product at the right cost.
Need A New Supplier At A Better Price?
Even if you have already marketed your product, you may be unhappy with your present source of supply. BHR Global helped the people making the product on the right find a new supplier for one of its product components at about half their present cost.


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